17 July 2007 ~ 8 Comments

A New Design

I like change.  And I was about due for one around here!  So I did a little cleaning up on the web page last night.  So if you’re reading this via RSS, come stop by and let me know what you think.

Overall, I tried to make it a little bit cleaner.  Here’s a few of the highlights:

Thanks to my brother-in-law, Joel Beukelman for the killer new banner.  I’ve been wanting to change it for a while, but won’t be getting Photoshop for another week or two.  Besides, I couldn’t have done it nearly as well as he did.  If I had his skills, I’d probably make a new banner every month!  I mentioned him in my last post as an amazing artist/photographer/graphic designer.  He also just got engaged.  (Woohoo!)  Swing by his new blog and hear the story of how he asked.  It’s pretty sweet.

Fave Five
Just recently got the fave five plan with T-mobile.  Along with it, I thought I’d let you know my fave five blogs, the ones you gotta stop by and see sometime.  This list may change from time to time, so just don’t be offended.  Remember?  I like change.  Here’s a bit more about who’s on there now:

Babulife – Ben Abu Saada.  He’s there cause he’s one of the first guys I connected with as a "friend" when I started doing this whole blogging thing.  He’s a worship leader as well, a family guy, and an all around really cool dude.
Ragamuffin Soul – Carlos Whittaker.  Another worship leader I’ve come to see as a "friend".  He leads at Sandals Church in Riverside where they are up to some great stuff.  He’s also a Blog Freak, lots of post, and most of them really high quality.  Great posts on worship, faith, and family.
Jonathon Herron.  Church planter in Ohio.  I still hate Ohio, but I found his blog a while back, before they started, and the success and vision of the church has been awesome to follow.
Monday Morning Insight.  Great blog with multiple posts daily.  A great place to keep informed and discuss the real world happenings of innovative churches, as well as blogosphere happenings.
*UPDATE: Todd Rhoades runs this site.  Thanks for the shout out bro!  He does a lot of work for Leadership Network, started churchstaffing.com, and also has a lot of very insightful thoughts to share.  He is a stud, too.  (Sorry Todd, but the "freaking" is still reserved for Steven.)  ;)
Steven Furtick.  This guy is a freaking stud.  Pastor in North Carolina of a church plant about a year and half old.  The dude is 27.  He got several families to leave everything and move to start this church.  Now it’s running well over 1500 people with 2 campuses.  Insane.  And he consistently has insightful, challenging, and inspiring leadership posts.

My Family
Somehow I’ve managed to suck most of my family into this blogging thing…and I love it!  Go check em out.  You’re next Rog!

Worship Leaders
Since some of the people comin around are other worship leaders, I thought I’d direct you to some others who are in the game with us.  If you want to see who else is doing Worship Confessionals, well, I didn’t feel like putting that list up.  Go to Ragamuffin Soul or The Wonderful Noise as they both have pretty good lists of those, and each one seems to cover whoever the other forgot.

I also got rid of a few things that were just cluttering it up.  I still hope to add a few new pages now that you can do that with Typepad, but no time right now.  Maybe later in the week!  And by the way, if you’re linking here and I somehow missed you on any of my link lists, please let me know.  I’m happy to share the love!

Happy Surfing!

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