26 July 2007 ~ 2 Comments

MySpace Jacked Me

Alright, so a long time ago, I got myspace so I could look at the profiles of a number of friends.  I didn’t care much for the whole system, but I found that it became a great way to connect with old and current friends.  It was nice to have and it mainly pointed people over here.

After moving up North, I realized that they still had my old email address.  So I never knew if I got a message, friend request, etc.  I tried to change it, but they send a confirmation to your old address.  I didn’t have access anymore, which is why I wanted to change it, duh.  So I found where I could ask them to change it.  No response or fix.  So I do it again about a month later.  The next day I can’t get on with any address/password combo.  I go to my profile.  All friends and info are gone.  Multiple emails to Myspace, no response.

Anyway I broke down and went ahead and started a new Myspace for now, but I’m way irritated.  Myspace sucks.  I guess I’ll just focus more on fixing up my Virb profile I never really finished working on.  Sorry to all you "friends" I lost.  Hit me up again I guess.

We’re better off over here anyway!

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