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Link Love From Christian Cruz

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A while back I went to a Church 2.0 gathering in Santa Cruz and met Frank Johnson.
Frank manages a website called ChristianCruz.com, a resource to help network believers in Santa Cruz.
I got to hear him enough that I’m pretty sure his heart isn’t to create yet another facet of Christian subculture, but hopefully something that can resource and connect Christ followers to be a positive force in the community.  And apparently there are some plans to see more done with the site to make that happen.

You may notice that right now, this blog is highlighted on the front page of the website.
Thanks for the link love Frank!
Head on over there and check out the site a bit as well.

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  1. Frank Johnson 11 June 2009 at 9:06 pm Permalink

    Hey Bobby! Thanks for the mention of ChristianCruz!
    You’re right – no Christian subculture. Ughh! My whole point in having the site is to play a small part in building Christian community across individual church and denominational lines, which I believe is the foundation of all effective outreach into the community. When we are one, then the world will know that the Father loves them.
    Thanks again!

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