15 August 2007 ~ 0 Comments

Tri To Lose Comes To An End


Well, today is the final weigh in.  For Tri To Lose.  And you’re gonna have to watch the video for the details!  Then go ahead and click the donation button below.  I’m looking forward to being able to bless Invisible Children with a big chunk of change from all of our efforts.

Anyway, go ahead and check out the video for the final weigh in:

So there ya have it.  We were able to raise $440+ here at this blog alone.  Thanks again to all of you who sponsored.  And I encourage you to feel free to give a little even if you didn’t.  It’s a great chance to hand over a big chunk of resources from our community here online.  If the link above is too difficult for you, shoot me an email so we can work it out.

Be sure to stop by Rachel’s blog to see where she ended up.  And I know Pete hasn’t updated recently, but swing by and see if he has his final numbers up as well.  (Pressures on Pete!  ;))  I don’t think anyone else stuck with it, but if I’m wrong…let me know!!!

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