28 August 2007 ~ 2 Comments

Message Audio

Alright, as promised, here’s the message audio from Sunday if anyone desires to listen to it.  Although, I realized that is also in the post below the confessional in the player that is embedded, as are the notes.  So if you decide to listen, a couple of my own thoughts and info having listened to half of it so far:

  • I’m my own worst critic.  I hate listening to myself speak.  I always think I sound like a dufus.  Just FYI.  But I learn a lot recapping.
  • The beginning scripture is our youth pastor, Kyle Hopkins.  His wife happens to be named Rachel also.  (She led worship.)  We’re not pregnant.  We’re not praying for a boy.
  • The first few lines of the drama got lost.  And oh yeah, it also included a series of pictures on the screens from NYC.  Katie did a great job.  I saw several people wiping their eyes.

That’s it.  Check it if ya like.  Hit the play button below.  Lates.

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