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Why Blogging Rocks

I’ve pimped his blog here before, and here it goes again.  Steven Furtick had a really good post this morning about the value of and opportunity presented by blogs.  Go check it out, then come on back and tell me what you think.

I’ve seen myself able to network with other pastors and worship leaders as a result of this thing.  I’ve made friends, learned from their experiences, and even met up with them face to face to share lives and experiences.  I get to read from guys like Furtick and Groeschel and have access to tons of leadership encouragement and knowledge.

But better yet, how does this work in our local context?  In his post he says,

"Can you imagine if Joshua would have been able to check Moses’ blog every morning?"

I know that I have, at different points in time appreciated being able to hear what’s going on in the heart of my pastor or those I work with or live around via their blogs.  As I continue to settle in at CLC, I have had the opportunity to get together with some amazing people and get to know those people I have the honor of serving alongside.  For example, last night I had dinner with Aaron Mapes.  This guy has such an awesome heart, I already see him doing amazing things in his excitement on the Life Group front, and it was great to get to know him a little better and share our lives a bit.

Unfortunately, I can only have so many meals, time wise, finance wise, and not to mention figure wise!  I really wish I could do that with every person at CLC, but I can’t.  And as we grow, it will get harder and harder.  And that is where blogging can actually help to close the gap.

Those who are a part of the ministries I have the privilege of leading here can come to this blog and hear more of who I am.  Hear my heart and hopefully catch a small piece of my passion for reaching others by observing a small piece of my life.  And as I look at your blogs I get to hear more often about what is happening in your life.  I get to find out what is really important to you.

Blogs are not a substitute to real, authentic relationships.  They never should be.  Rather, they can enhance our relationships.  But, if you’re here, perhaps I’m preaching to the choir!  Point is, keep stopping by and join in the discussion.  If you’re in ministry, I hope I can share learnings along the way that encourage you some in what God has called you to.  If you’re an old or new friend, I hope this is a place you feel you can stay connected to the life of my family.  And you CLC peeps…welcome!  I know you’re still trickling in slowly.  Invite others to come by as well.  Subscribe via RSS feed.  And I hope that you can better understand me and my passion to radically impact Santa Cruz through our worship and life together in authentic community.

And above all, start your own stinkin blog!!!  And then keep posting, too!  (Yeah…that’s for you Marc! ;))  Let me know when you do.  I want to share in your life.  Come on CLCers, let’s get that blogroll growing.

Any thoughts?

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