13 September 2007 ~ 4 Comments

Golf At The Minister’s Retreat


Rolled sown to Monterey yesterday for a Ministers and spouses retreat at the Embassy Suites.
Started the excursion in a golf tournament with Kyle, Ed, and Wes.
4 man scramble (which we discovered after playing 4 holes of 2 man).
Best ball.
When we got there, I wasn’t on the list for some reason.
After getting it all sorted out, Ed verbally told them that the fourth players name was "Marchessault."
Apparently, that didn’t translate so well verbally.  You can see our final standings in the pic below.  notice my name:


I promise, I didn’t play from the red tees!  Although, maybe I should have.
We won some movie tickets for our efforts…
For having the highest score.

Worst part, Wes took a few strokes off our score before turning it in.  The real score was a bit too embarrassing.
Geez.  We cheat and we still come in last!
Time to hit the range.
I’m out.

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