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Cookies Lead To Stitches

So last night was a BBQ and night for last minute preparations at the site for Royal Family Kids Camp where I’m the camp pastor for the third year.
The plan was for me to lead worship with the staff that night.
Plans changed.
I wasn’t there long enough.

Caleb decided he really wanted one of the cookies on the picnic table.
He bolted at the table at the speed of light, jumping on the bench, but not quite getting his hand in the right place to grab the table.
Instead he went face first into the picnic table and continued on, luckily being caught before his melon hit the concrete.
I immediately got there and grabbed him.  My white shirt will never be the same.  It’s got a whole lot of blood on it.

So we ended up at the ER waiting for the doc to come and sew him up with 2 stitches.
By the time we got to that point, he was doing pretty well.
I took some pics with my phone, which sucks.  But here he is waiting for the Dr. to show up and stitch him up.


As a parent, perhaps one of the worst things in the world is having to watch your kid in pain, let alone helping to inflict it.
He did a great job laying down when the doc came.
He laid calmly on the bed.
The Dr.’s were great.  He even had a great time identifying animals on the doctors tattoo sleeve.
He let them clean it up without a peep.
Then came the needle.
It went downhill QUICKLY from there.
And it was my job to hold down his arms and legs while another doctor held his head still.

“Please stop!!”
“I’m scared!”
“What are you doing?!”
“I all done!!!”

We let him sleep in bed with us last night (which I don’t think we’ve ever done).
I think the poor kid was reliving it in his sleep.
He kept kinda waking up saying something about a cookie.
Then I think he told himself not to get the cookie.

Fortunately he was all good this morning.
Even told both grandmas that it wasn’t hurting anymore and the doctor helped him.
Glad he feels that way now, cause it aint what he thought last night!
Here he is showing me his lip out front this morning.


My wife just informed me she already blogged about this also.
Guess I’ll go see her internet take on the night.

And with a kid as energetic and rambunctious as Caleb, I’m afraid this may be the beginning of many ER trips over the next 16 years!
Oh, the joys of parenting.

UPDATE – I just checked out Rachel’s post.  Go to that one and click on the picture for a nice big shot of his stitched up lip.

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