26 September 2007 ~ 3 Comments

Let’s Go Pads!

Went to my first game at Giants stadium Monday night.  My friend from CLC, Jono, invited me to join him with his season tickets.  He’s also my dentist.  Definitely the first time I’ve hung out at a baseball game with my dentist!

He knew I was a Padres fan.  And he let me come and root or my team.  It didn’t help.  They got whooped.  Too bad we didn’t go last night.  They won.  Still up in the Wild Card race.  let’s go Pads!!

Tom and Annette Balch also have tickets and brought along Ed and Julie Tyler.  So we left the comfort of our club level seats and civil fans to join them in the outfield benches for most of the game.  Tom didn’t like sitting next to me.  Was afraid he’d get hit by a beer.  I figured it was a good way to get free beer.


Steroid Cove                                        Willie Mays
From the outfield benches                    The crew

From Club seats                                   Just cause

And here’s the shot that really makes you wanna heave…

Thanks again for the invite Jono!
Wild Card…here we come!

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