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Tri To Lose – Closure Video


Well, if any of you missed it last month, our Tri To Lose weight loss challenge came to an end over a month ago, which is why you haven’t seen videos of me on the scale every Wednesday anymore.  And for those of you that didn’t watch the final video, here were the final results:

     weigh in:      173.2 lbs
     week1:        168.2 lbs    total loss:  5lbs         
     week2:        166.6 lbs    total loss:  6.6 lbs    
     week3:        163.6 lbs    total loss:  9.6 lbs   
     week4:        165.8 lbs    total loss:  7.4 lbs    
     week5:        164.4 lbs    total loss:  8.8 lbs    
     week6:         ummm…
     week7:        163.2 lbs    total loss:  10 lbs      
     week8:        161.2 lbs.   total loss:  12 lbs      
     week9:        161.2 lbs.   total loss:  12 lbs      
     week10:      160 lbs.      total loss:  13.2 lbs   
     week11:      157.4 lbs.   total loss:  15.8 lbs
     week12:      159.4 lbs.   total loss:  13.8 lbs

     FINAL WEIGH IN:  155.6 lbs.   Grand Total Lost: 17.6 lbs.

In the end, with an extra gift or two and all said and done, Rachel and I raised about $684.00!  (I say about cause there’s a small amount that we still have to calculate and send in cause we forgot about it when we wrote the check.)

Add that to Mr. and Mrs. Transition Pete‘s $186.00 the final Grand Total brought in by Tri To Lose was…

That’s awesome you guys!  Below is a video of me heading up to San Francisco to an Invisible Children screening to give them our part.  But first, a couple of thank you’s to y’all from some of the peeps at Invisible Children:

"What Bobby and his friends are doing is incredible. Taking the stories of the Invisible Children lives and applying it to a physical discipline is what a life change is truly about. Thank you to everyone who helped raise money… I hope that one day you are able to travel to Northern Uganda and see just how far $684 will go on the ground. You are changing lives both near and far! Thank you and God Bless."

-Jason Russell
  Invisible Children founder/filmmaker, in an e-mail

"This is a brilliant idea.  I applaud your sacrifice and ingenuity.  Thank you for such dedication to the invisible children. 
Love wins always,"

-Bobby Bailey
Invisible children Founder/ Filmmaker, in a comment left on Tri To Lose intro post

"I wanted to let you know how much you truly ARE blessing Invisible Children.  You are doing exactly what we labor for and more importantly, what God delights in. THANK YOU! And Praise God!  Be encouraged and know that God is really being glorified by your efforts—in Uganda and even within the IC staff.

"[This] blog is spreading around our office and we LOVE it. Please stay in touch with us and keep us updated on your efforts.  Continue praying for Uganda as well."

-Lisa Dougan
  Invisible Children Movement Regional Manager, in an email

I share those mainly because they really are thanks to all of you.  Know that giving to such a worthy cause, even a little bit, can make a difference.  ANd it is appreciated by those receiving it!  Once again, thank you all!!  And don’t stop there.  Keep informed on what’s happening in Uganda, do something about it, and find other places in the world that you are passionate about and make a difference there, too.  Your street is a good place to start!  ;)

So, here’s a final video to give a little bit of closure to the whole Tri To Lose challenge.

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