14 October 2007 ~ 0 Comments

Babe’s Story


We’re recently started a new series called Generations.  We have a very multi-generational church.  Through this series we are celebrating the beauty of that.  We are taking each week to highlight a specific generation and recognizing what they bring to the table.  What specific gifts and perspectives they have.  Reminding us that everyone is part of doing this ministry.  And challenging each generation where they need to be challenged.

This week is seniors, 65+.  Each week we are also hoping to highlight the story of someone’s life here at CLC who is a part of that generation through a video testimony.  Here is the video we used this morning.

Meet Babe Sanborn.
She’s 89.  And a half.
She is amazing.
Watch this:

We are blessed to have her!
She is such a cheerleader for our team!  And by the way, she was serious.  You don’t go to her house and leave empty handed.

Did you notice the blue cat pillow 3:53 in?  Of course not.  It was black and white to you I guess.
Babe made that the night before.
That belongs to my son now.
Thanks Babe!!

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