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A Really Goode Job

Some of you may be familiar with Randy Elrod.
He is the creative genius behind Recreate and a bit of a social networking guru.
I wanna ask you to help him out.

You see Murphy-Goode, a winery in Sonoma, is offering a dream job opportunity.
6 months.  Home in Sonoma county provided.  A car, PDA, computer, and a great salary.
The job: to publicize their winery through social networking.

All of the applicants made a one minute video that is up at the website.
Now you can vote for the one you like best.  Currently, Randy in #4 out of 692:

Picture 40

Here’s how you can help him get to #1…

  • Click here
  • Put in your email address to vote for him
  • Go to your inbox and look for an email with a link to confirm your choice
  • Click on that link
  • Repeat steps 1-4 with every email account you own
  • Finally, ask all your friends, distant relatives, and neighbors to do the same

And to Randy…how about a drawing from people who blogged about it for a free bottle of wine if you get the job.  Just an idea.
And maybe a second free one for me since I came up with.  ;)
It’s kinda like profit sharing.

OK, now go vote people!

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