29 October 2007 ~ 1 Comment

Hillbilly Harvest Festival


Last week was busy.  I taught on Sunday.  More on that later.  Video for Sunday morning to edit.  And yesterday was also our annual Hillbilly Harvest Festival for the community.

It was AWESOME!!!

  • Jane (our children’s ministry director) did an amazing job putting together so many of the details and making them happen.  Way to go Jane!!
  • Thank you so much to all the volunteers who helped out.  Many hands make light work and we had a blast and people were great.
  • Speaking of, I have to give a special shout out to those who stuck around to teardown.  You rocked!!  I looked around at all the hay, games, fences, tables, etc. when the event ended at 7 and was ready for some serious work.  We finished putting everything away and having everything cleaned up and it was only 7:35!!  Amazing!
  • I haven’t had a chance to count the raffle entries yet (it is my day off) but we guesstimated somewhere between 250-300 people showed up.  I got to talk to lots of visitors, several of which came as a result of the mailers we sent out.
  • And oh yeah, it definitely helped the weather was beautiful!  (Unlike today, as the thunder crashes loudly and the rain starts suddenly pouring outside.)

All in all, it was a great day and a great family community event.  Here’s some pictures, including my little Giraffe!





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