30 October 2007 ~ 3 Comments

Another Brainstorm


OK, so we experimented with the brainstorm idea last week.  It went ok.  So I expect enev more participation this week.  Here we go.

WarflogoFor the past several years, our church has headed up "Caroling on the Wharf" here in Santa Cruz.  In the past it was an event the city had put on, which they lost funding for and we took over.  So now we partner with the community to provide this for families.  It takes place on an open area out toward the end of the wharf.  Apparently it hasn’t been a huge turnout the past couple of years.  Especially dependent on the weather here in December (it happens December 11th).  People just show up and sing some songs for an hour.  Free cider and brownies by us and a local coffee shop.

So as I was processing through our holiday activities, what we would do and not do, add and get rid of, I started thinking.  What a great opportunity for us to provide a service for our community.  Why not do more and make it more attractive to unchurched peeps.  No gospel presentation or anything.  i mean heck, we’re already singing CHRISTmas songs.  We’ll just make sure everyone who comes gets an invite to our Christmas Eve service and New Years series.

So here’s where your help can come in handy.  You’re not a church goer, or even a believer.  You get a mailer at your home or see advertising around town.

What would draw you to want to go to this event?

What activities?  What features?
I’ve got a few ideas.  You know, Santa, crafts for kids, etc.  A few more too.  But I’d love some of your thoughts.
What have you done?  What have you never done but always wanted to do?
Think big.  Don’t even worry about cost.  Have fun.  We can eliminate the stuff we can’t afford or do later.
So, any ideas?


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