21 November 2007 ~ 2 Comments

Chuck Approves, Why Not You?

OK, I think I’ve had a grand total of like 1 other political post here in the history of this blog.  It’s something that I can get opinionated about, but I learned several years back that it wasn’t worth arguing about.  If I’m gonna ruffle feathers, I’d rather do it with a topic that can really change lives.  You know, like Jesus.

However, this one was just too good to pass up.  And as a result of the video embedded below – that I just had to share – you are going to get a rare peek into the Bobby’s head on this blog regarding his political opinions.

As of now, I’ve been completely disappointed with the prospects for the upcoming presidential race.

Hillary – not a chance.  Enough said.
Obama – like him as a person.  Seem authentic, passionate, etc.  Unfortunately, I just can’t back his politics.
Rudy – he’s basically a conservative democrat running as a republican.  Don’t know that I see a whole lot of difference between him and the "opposition."

Now, disclaimer time.  Fact is, I haven’t done my homework and don’t know enough about the candidates.  That is just what I perceive from those candidates and I’m not excited.  However, I know there are some others that I don’t know much about that I’d like to learn about.

The one I’ve heard tossed around that I’ve been most interested to hear more from is Mike Huckabee.
Mike has a killer "ad agency."
I don’t think I need to learn anymore.
This video may secure my vote!
Check it out below:

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