25 June 2009 ~ 10 Comments

Santa Cruz Creative Play

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I love getting to see my wife excited and passionate about something God is putting on her heart.
Actually, it’s quite a turn on.  But I digress.

Due to budget cuts, lots of the libraries in our area are closing down their story times.  Rachel and several other moms have loved going to these and connecting with other moms.
So Kendra and Rachel saw an opportunity to create community around a need in Santa Cruz.
They both have a heart for kids and have worked with kids for years.

So this week they are passing out flyers at library story times as they are ending and turning their current Friday morning play group into a more structured, creative story time for kids and families.
Check out the website that Rachel put up at santacruzcreativeplay.org.

It starts July 17th.
I’m looking forward to seeing how it goes.
And I just had to brag on my amazing wife a little bit.

What opportunities are there to meet a need and bless people in your community?
What opportunity are you uniquely created to meet?
Something to think about today.

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