04 December 2007 ~ 2 Comments

More Great Design

We’re one week away from our Caroling on the Wharf event.  And I have a lot to do to get ready.

Which also means it’s time to give it a go with a second mailing.  We seemed to get a pretty good response from the first one, so here we go again.  The first one we did was for Harvest Festival and I shared our mailer piece here.

This time, my brother-in-law, Joel, worked up the mailer for us.  Same one that took the great pictures a few weeks ago.  I gave him an idea what we were going for and he worked this up in about an hour or so.  Check it out:


I was stoked with and look forward to getting out to the community.  Joel has his own company, two of twelve art design, 2//12,  he’s been using to do some graphic design work.  Here’s his portfolio.  You need him.  Go hire him.

Thanks Joel!

Now I’ll spend a lot of time this week getting the rest of this event together so the outcome is as good as the print piece!

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