02 January 2008 ~ 1 Comment

Success – Inbox Down To Zero


There we go.  Email inbox is finally down to ZERO.  Now the challenge will be to keep it there.  Call it a New Years Resolution or somethin.  It will make me reply to people quicker too.

Of course I do have over 100 emails still saved, but at least they aren’t in my inbox.

And I did have some issues with Entourage though.  There were a couple hundred emails or so that would not delete from my inbox and my trash.  Biggest bummer is there were some emails that I had saved from a long time ago, a few from family that I don’t really have contact with and don’t have email addresses for, and at some point they must have been deleted.  That’s the second time I’ve lost email files using Entourage with our email server.

Anyway, I finally figured out that I could rebuild the database and that got rid of all the emails that were showing up in Entourage that wouldn’t delete from there but were gone from the server.  Thus I’m down to zero.

And some of you thought I couldn’t get it there.  Ha.

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