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God Says Going Green = Eating Green

This past Sunday, and at Life Group last night, we talked about the environment.  We talked about taking care of the planet and resources that belong to God.  It’s not a political issue.  It’s something God honestly does care about.

Then, last night, while in line for Harry Potter, my wife and Christal were handed this pamphlet.

Photo 129

Anyone else kinda wanna see that lion go for that doll looking girl’ss head?
Sorry.  moving on…

From the front cover –

Modern animal-based diets tend to significantly harm our health, the environment, the world’s poor and hungry, and God’s animals.

In order to promote better stewardship of God’s creation, this Q&A booklet encourages moving toward a planet based diet and includes recipes and resources for healthful, convenient, and tasty eating.

They have a website too.  ChristianVeg.org.

Umm, sorry, but when I consider ‘going green’, a “planet based diet” isn’t quite what I had in mind.
Anyone wanna join me at Betty’s Burger?

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