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This Morning – Pray For Melissa And Dan

I wanna encourage you to take a few minutes to pray for and be challenged by Melissa and Dan.

Meet Melissa.
Melissa lives in Santa Cruz and works part-time at Elevation Church.
Melissa has lupus and a failing kidney.

Meet Dan.
Dan also lives in Santa Cruz.
Dan is a music teacher and plays drums for The Wild Rovers.
Dan has an extra kidney he doesn’t need.

As I type this Dan is in the O.R. beginning the procedure to give his kidney to Melissa today.
At 8am, Melissa goes in to get it.  And it will radically change her life forever.
Possibly even save it.
You can find out what’s going on at her husbands Twitter feed, @randyboose.

I’ve never had surgery.
The idea of voluntarily giving up an organ honestly scares the crap out of me.
I wish it weren’t the case, but I’m challenged when I ask myself if I would take that step for a friend.
Thanks for an amazing example of what it means to live sacrificially, Dan.

First, please say a prayer for the two of them.
And then, ask yourself what you can do to give yourself away in some small way to someone else today.

Oh…and check out this blog post about it from their pastor, Chuckk.

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