13 February 2008 ~ 6 Comments

Love Your Enemies

Lots of talk about love with Valentines Day.  A day we celebrate the people who love us back.  But what about the other people Jesus told us to love…our enemies?  That’s a whole lot harder to do.  I used to think of my enemy as the punk at school who picked on me, or the loved one who hurt me deeply.  But after 9/11 that concept took on a whole new meaning.  Could I really love someone who literally murdered people that I knew and loved in cold blood?  Ouch.  (Not that I actually knew anyone from that day, but you get my point.)  What about a person who were to harm my wife or child?

These posters from The Plow are pretty profiund and really force you to think about that in an "in your face" sort of way.  Check em out:




So what do you think?  how do you really love you enemies?  I know Christ commands it, but let’s be rea.  When you see those images, how many of you are unable to muster up the love you know you’re supposed to?  How do we tangibly love our enemies?  And how do we get past the "churchy" answer of loving them even when we don’t like what they do, because Jesus loved them?  Easy to say when it’s so hypothetical, but what do you think you would ACTUALLY do if Mr. Bin Laden were sitting right in front of you?

Sorry.  Lots of questions there.  Any thought?

HT: Chris from Canada

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