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Be A Catalyst


Many of you know, one of the passions in mine and Rachel‘s life is church planting.  That being the case, I love to follow the life and adventures of brave church planters.

One of those pioneers who I have enjoyed following over the past couple of years is Jonathan Herron.  Honestly, not even sure how I came across his blog.  But I’m glad I did.  It’s been fun watching fom a distance as he and his wife start a movement in one of the least churched areas in Ohio.  Kent, Ohio.  College town.  85% unchurched.  It’s also been fun to watch them go through the adoption process and to see them raising their son, just a few weeks older than our Caleb.

Following Jonathan’s blog is also where we got the idea for our Easter Egg Helicopter Drop we’ll be doing the day before Easter.  More on the that to come in the future!

Their church, Catalyst, is now in the midst of a serious campaign.  With big dreams and goals, their looking for churches, organizations, and individuals willing to partner with them to make a serious impact in the city of Kent.  Swing by their Be A Catalyst page and take a look at their history, their vision, and what they got goin on over there.

I’m looking forward to following along to see what God does through the community at Catalyst out there.  And if you don’t follow his blog yet, check it out.  My wife, on the other hand, really enjoys following his wife Amber’s blog.
Happy blog surfin on this Friday morning friends!

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