26 February 2008 ~ 1 Comment

More On Twitter

So, I’ve talked to several friends about the wonderful tool that is Twitter.  I shared some about it here.  I was skeptical for a long time, but have become a full fledged fan.  Randy insisted that all Re:create attenders sign up for Twitter before the conference.  So I caved.  Here’s one situation that helped me become a believer.

This is my new friend David.


Let me tell you how I met David.

Rewind about 3 weeks.  Super Bowl Sunday.  Time to go to Re:create.
So my wife and I fly down to San Diego before Nashville to leave our son with my mother.
Weather sucks.
Plane delayed.
Miss first half of Super Bowl.
Charge my Macbook Pro at mom’s house.
Now, back to the airport.
Fly to Atlanta.
now we’re in the airport in ATL for a 4 hour layover.  I go to get out my computer, and low and my heart sinks.  My power cable isn’t there.  How will I survive a whole week at a conference with no laptop?!?!  There will be plenty of Mac’s there, so i’m sure I could get some puffs from people, but that won’t be enough.

After emailing my mom, begging her to overnight the power to the hotel, I decide to Twitter in my disappointment.


About ten minutes later I refresh the Twitter page on my Blackberry, and see this:


And that made my week so much better!  Thanks David!

You see…you need Twitter.  It’s also helped me know what’s happening in the Re:create folks lives since leaving.  Sign up (and update it) so I can keep up with you too!

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