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Life Group Story #2


This week I’m sharing some responses I got to the question put out to some CLC folks, regarding if/how their lives have changed.  We got some real encouraging responses and life stories.  Here’s an excerp from another email I got back.

The stories and perspectives we share in the groups are great ways to learn about how God is working in our lives.  Through the Life Groups I feel more "a part" of the church now than "apart" from the church, like before. The Group experience gives me an opportunity to hear God speaking into my life through the experience and voices of others.
I think the most important thing though is that I feel a stronger sense of community because of this experience.

I’ve prayed to God to bring me closer to Him and He has. The Life Group is one way He is working in my life to do that. The opportunity to serve [on Sunday morning’s] is another.
Now, just recently, I prayed to God to help me deal with my commute. He found me a carpool buddy for the rest of the school year but best of all, He’s giving me the opportunity to work in Santa Cruz by connecting me to a possible position here in town! God finds a way!
This is such a big deal for me. I didn’t want to leave my church, my daughter, or the beach (in that order).
What brought the church to the top of the list? An increased sense of fellowship.

Some of that email, specifics and what not, were altered a bit to "protect the innocent."  ;) 
So awesome to hear stories of people feeling more connected to our community through life groups.
And there’s more to come!

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