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Life Group Story #4


Here’s a final installment to share the impact Life Group has had on peoples lives.  Unfortunately, it’s kinda hard to share this one without some of you knowing who they are, so hopefully they don’t mind.  ;) 

This is from a great couple that used to go to our church that was a military family and have since been restationed in another state.  Here’s what she had to share about their time involved in Life Group before leaving:

The life group [we attended] really helped us even though we were only able to attend 3 or 4 times before we left. I always felt that I was being upheld in prayer during the week and [we] really felt like it was great for our marriage and family.

Not only was it good for our family, but our friend hadn’t been to church since she was a little girl. Her brother had passed away last year and she was really having trouble understanding and dealing with it. But she later told us that the life group she attended with us was a great support system and she felt so at home there. She is now regularly attending church here on base and often says how much she misses the life group.

Wow…I love that!  Yay God!  To see not only a member of our church family blessed, but another person reconnecting with God as a result of relationships…that’s the kind of thing that keeps me going!

So, whether you go to CLC or are a part of another faith community, it’s you turn to respond.  Are you a part of a Life Group/Small Group/Care Group/Cell Group or whatever you feel like calling it where you are?  If so, have those relationships changed your life in some way?  If you’re not a part of one, why not?
Share with us.

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