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#CoastalRace09 – iPhone Giveaway

Here’s the deal…

On August 24th, 2009, a group of around 15 other riders and I will leave San Francisco on our bicycles to make the 670 mile journey to San Diego over the course of a week.

It is a ride to benefit the CA chapters for Hemophilia.
I am riding for my seven-year-old cousin Zach who suffers from this blood disorder.
For more info check out the home page for the ride here, or just check out this video first:

The goal is to raise both money and awareness, so I need get the word out.
And I want your help to do it.

Between now and August 12th, each day you twitter with the hashtag: #coastalrace09 and a link back to this post, you will be entered into a drawing for a free iPhone.
A few important details:

  • The iPhone will actually come in the form of a $200.00 gift card for Apple (the cost of an iPhone along with a plan for new customers at Apple.com).  This way, if you already have an iPhone, you still have a great prize!
  • The iPhone/gift card will ONLY be given away if I meet my goal of $3500 by August 12th.  So it would help you to give $10 and encourage others to do the same.  Check out the fundraising page here.
  • Provided the goal is reached on or by August 12th, I will pull a winner via video or Livestream here at my blog within a week of that date.
  • The more days you post, the better your chance of winning.  Every day that you tweet, your name goes in again.  And remember, encourage people to give too, or else there may not be any giveaway!

So go start Twittering away!
Be sure to join the Twub for this hashtag and follow along on the ride once we get out there as well!
Follow news about the ride and hemophilia at the blog here.
Also follow me on Twitter for updates on the giveaway.

Important Links

Coastal Race home page
Donation Page
#coastalrace09 Twub
Follow me on Twitter
Hemophilia & ride related posts
Bobby’s Coastal Race Facebook group

Video explaining giveaway for those who don’t like to read much

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