11 April 2008 ~ 2 Comments

Giant Surfer in Santa Cruz

Should have posted this a while back.  But tonight, I am going to a Giants game with my friend James.  In honor of that, thought I’d share this Santa Cruz moment with you.

In Santa Cruz, everyone’s got a gimmick.  Now, this may not be on par with The Pink Guy or the pink Santa, but while some friends were here back in September, we saw this guy surfing at Steamers:


He then went ahead and gave us a nice pose for the camera.  Sliding into home.  Something the Giants aren’t very familiar with – home plate.


Oh yeah.  I’m a Padre fan.  They’re playing the Cardinals tonight.  Don’t care about the Cardinals, but the only time I feel like I should ever root for the Giants is if they’re playing the Dodgers.  Not sure who I’ll pull for tonight, but it will be fun.

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