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Weekend Rewind

I love that now, when I don’t blog for a few days, my friends who see me regularly, even the ones in my Life Group, come to me and say, "Bobby, you haven’t blogged for a while…is everything ok?"  LOL.   It’s all good.  Sorry for slackin y’all.  Here’s a quick update on the past week.

Saturday:  Building a play structure.  The play group and other kids ministry functions use the play structure in out back yard.  It was old.  Falling apart.  Splinters.  Scary.  Jane bought a new one for the church.  I got to put it together.  They basically give you the wood, hardware, instructions, and a DVD and say, "Here, you are now playing the part of a general contractor.  Have fun!"  9am-9pm.  Me, Ed, Josh, and my wife all day.  plus George, Alan, and Elias during the day.  Got to step 16 of 35.

Sunday:  Sick.  Pretty much sucked.  I’ll spare you the details, but let’s just say I spent more time in the bathroom than onstage.  God got me through worship in an amazing way though!  Yeah God!  Slept some.  Slight fever. 

Had our volunteer appreciation Luau that afternoon.  Felt well enough to make it work.  Here’s a few pics.  I’ll put up more soon at the CLC blog.  (Yeah…we’re gonna give that another go.)



Monday:  Play structure…again.  Rachel and I, all day.  but we got it done!  And I’ve never seen Caleb more excited!!  Rachel got some video of that.  Hopefully that will come later.  I got video of the whole building process.  Maybe I’ll get something up.  Here’s the final product:


Come over and play with us sometime!

Tuesday:  Staff meeting.  Work.  Life Group.  Nothing exciting.

Wednesday: Yup.  Another day of working.  Worship practice.  After practice felt introspective.  Went to Starbucks right before they closed.  Got my coffee and spent some time at the beach and the pier thinking, praying, chillin.  It was good.  Then went to Lulu’s to work on a video project.

Thursday:  Sick.  Rachel‘s turn.  She was bad.  Throwing up all morning.  In bed all day.  So work didn’t happen cause I was Mr. Mom.  Had lunch with some great Life Group leaders from our church.  Took Caleb to childcare at 24 hour fitness for Spin class.  He loved it. Ryan met James and I for Spin class too.  We got our butts kicked…it was great!

Friday:  Video chat with Ed and a youth pastor candidate.  Pretty encouraging meeting.  We’ll see where it all goes.  If you know any youth pastors without a job, in case this doesn’t work out, feel free to send em our way!  And Rich‘s, of course.  Tried to catch up on work the rest of the day.  Spent the night working on that video.  Late.

Saturday:  That’s today.  Sitting at the church for a day of training our sound peeps.  A few parties to go to tonight and a lot of work to still do on that video that needs to get done tonight.  Somethings gonna have to give.  I guarantee you it won’t be the video.  Slideshow for a wedding.  Don’t wanna turn anyone into a Bridezilla.  Just kidding!  ;)

There you have it.  busy week.  Tomorrow we’re off to District Council in Sac-town.  Should have some time in boring meetings to blog when I’m not making jokes or acting like I’m in Jr. High.  Hopefully there will be a couple good seminars to go with all the meetings.

How was your week?
Have a great weekend!!

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