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#CoastalRace09 – iPhone Giveaway!

It’s less than a month before I leave for my ride.
Just over 2 weeks til the money needs to be raised.
Here’s where we’re at so far…

Picture 47
Actually, I’m about $75.00 under that.
Long story.  Just trust me on that one.

So time to kick it into high gear.
One of the goals is not just to raise money, but to raise awareness of the ride and the disorder as well.
Whatever it takes to do it, I’m in.  Well, almost, but I digress.
So I came up with this idea, or a social experiment, to see what we could do using Twitter.

Thus, we’re giving away an iPhone here.
Let me explain via video…

So there ya have it.
2 weeks.
Let’s flood Twitter, raise some money, and share about this ride and this opportunity.
Here’s the home page with the explanation of the whole thing: http://www.myworshiprevolution.com/bobbym/iphone.html.
And here’s a tiny URL to make it easier for Tweeting – http://tinyurl.com/my3qfz.

Thanks for continuing to follow along.
Some more fun news to come this week about the ride.

And hopefully, any other riders who Twitter can start using that hashtag as well and you can easily follow all the info as we ride in August.
Now…go and tweet, tweeps!

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