25 April 2008 ~ 1 Comment

Cultural Creatives: Part 3

OK.  Last post about the talk from Earl Creps this past week.
To get caught up, check out the last two posts in this series.

So here is what the question that his talk really left me pondering.  It ended with the idea that to be an organization that reaches the creative class, determine the barriers that are keeping them from being with you and tear them down.  So how do we practically do that?

For Amy who commented on the first post, what were some of those barriers that were removed that brought that change of culture?
What does that mean for a new church plant in an artsy area such as the church Earl is starting in Berkeley?  How do you create that DNA?
Or more important for me to think about, how do you identify and actually remove those barriers in a church with lots of history like CLC, where I live?

It seems to me that many of those barriers are removed by changing the attitudes and perspectives of the current faith community.
Is it more about attitudes and values, or is it about actual practices or events?  Or is it some of both?

I’d love to hear from those in ministry as well as those who attend a church as well as those who have nothing to do with church.  What has worked for you?  What do you think?  What would make you as a creative want to be a part of a faith community?

Your turn.

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