28 April 2008 ~ 1 Comment

Wedding Webcast Update And Video

Mogulus has issues.
Unfortunately the webcast didn’t work out so well.  Not sure if it was the internet at the church or the 14 people trying to watch, but it had some issues.
Got there right before the wedding.  Couldn’t get logged in.
Firefox shut down 3 times.
Restarted the computer.
Finally got it up and running, but had some issues.
Got em mostly worked out by midway through the wedding, so some people at least got to see some music, vows, and the kiss.

So I recorded what I did get, and set it to loop.
It was looping when I left the church.  Seriously!
Next morning I checked it.  I can’t even find the footage.  It’s totally gone and I have no clue why.
Sorry.  We gave it a shot.
As consolation though, here’s the slideshow video that started the wedding out.  Enjoy!

Congratulations Chris and Jamie Stavenger!!

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