29 July 2009 ~ 0 Comments

All About You?

While on my silent retreat in the mountains I read a list of resolves from The Soul of Fredrick W. Robertson, the Brighton Preacher by James R. Blackwood.
It's in another book I have, A Guide to Prayer for Ministers and Other Servants.

This particular reading for reflection was exactly that.  A list of resolves.  This was one of them.

To try to despise the principal of the day, 'every man his own trumpeter'; and to feel it a degradation to speak of my own doings, as a poor braggart.

Last week I was tweeting about some randomness I was doing and had a moment of nostalgia.  I remembered back to a time when I didn't assume that everyone wanted to know everything I was doing and thinking.  Crazy thought, eh?

I'm one of the last guys you'll hear decrying social networking and proclaiming the evil of it.  But there is a challenging thought there about how we choose to use blogs, Twitter, and Facebook.

Are the things you talk about simply focused on you, trying to create your own little rock star world where you are the center of the universe?
Or are you saying things to encourage, challenge, highlight, and better the people around you?

I want to try to do more of that.
Our culture already has enough consumers.
Let's create a culture that inspires people to become producers.

We all have something worthwhile to say.
Now figure out what it is, and go say that.

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