09 May 2008 ~ 5 Comments

Ever Watched LASIK Surgery?

Hi.  My name is Bobby.
Yes, I love to document parts of our lives via video.
Yes, I then like to put it up on YouTube.
Yes, I then like to broadcast it on my blog for the world to see.
Yes, I even filmed Rachel’s LASIK surgery experience.
I think all the doctors thought I was kinda nuts walking around with our Canon SD1000 the entire time.
But now you get to watch them cut open my wife’s cornea.
Instrumental music from Paul Wright‘s new album, Diego’s Diaries.  All songs inspired in my old hood.

By the way…Rachel actually has very blue eyes.  But they looked really green on the screen.

Who else out there has had LASIK?
I’m just glad I watched Rachel’s after I had it done!

And there will be more videos coming this weekend.
Next up…Goonies midnight movie scavenger hunt.
Stay tuned.

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