15 May 2008 ~ 0 Comments


And now to complete a Santa Cruz bicycle post trifecta.  As part of preparation for my upcoming triathlons, I’ve been hittin up a spin class, or in this case, a 24cycle class at 24 hour, every Thursday evening with Ryan and James.

It’s been great.  Lot’s of sweating.  Workin hard.  And our instructor…she’s a trip.  Everything you’d expect in a fitness instructor, in a good way.  Energy, fun, loud, rockin with the music.  Seriously, it’s great.  Keeps it entertaining and actually encourages me to push just a little bit harder.  Of course, don’t know how fond I was the first week when she walked up and turned up the tension on my bike.  Taught me not to try and over-achieve! 

Last week in class, she pulls out a camera.  I mention she should email them to us, and she says she’ll post them on her blog.  Well, I haven’t seen it show up on her blog yet, but I was stoked to check out the blog.  So she now has a link in my new "Santa Cruz Locals" bloglist that replaced my tired Fave Five list. These are bloggers around the Santa Cruz area I’ve found that I like to follow (that aren’t CLC bloggers).  So if you wanna read about some Santa Cruz fitness, swing by her blog and leave some love.

Of course, this got me thinking.  If she’s taking pics for her blog, maybe that gives me permission to take some video from my SD1000 to give you a taste of triathlon training. 
Hmmm…whatcha think?

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