20 May 2008 ~ 0 Comments

Virtual Conference Week

So I think this week is going to be my week of pretending that I'm at conferences.  On Thursday I'm looking forward to getting a taste of The White Board Sessions conference put on by Ben Arment through a new site called ConferenceChannel.org.

Today I watched the opening sessions streamed live from the Purpose Driven summit at Saddleback.  Good stuff.  Rick warren has a great heart and while I'm not a huge "purpose driven" fan, I love to hear Rich share.  Here's some quotes worth sharing from this morning:

  • Institutions NEVER institute change.  They are always the last to change.
    Don't look for institutions to change the world.  They are there to preserve the change of the last generation.
  • If everyone leaves as soon as your service is over, you don't have a church, you have a performance.
  • Never confuse prominence with significance!
  • Decide early if you want to impress or influence.  You can only impress from a distance, and you can only influence by getting close and allowing others to see your flaws.
  • If you have no friends who are not believers or are of disrepute, you are not living a Christlike life.
  • The pastor available to everyone all the time isn't worth much when he is there.
  • You have to be unselfish to grow a church.  It takes time and sacrifice.  Some churches would rather keep "their music" and let the rest of the world go to hell.

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