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Coastal Race Partners In South Korea

A few months back I got this message at my You Tube account…


I am in South Korea currently. I teach third
grade at an International Christian school here. I was looking up
youtube videos for science class on hemophilia and ran across the one
you just posted and learned about your upcoming quest for awareness.

I wanted to contact you and tell you two things. One thing: I knew you
were a Christian by the way you were talking and seeing your passion. I
visited your website and found it to be true. And number two, thank you
for doing this and spreading the word. It's a great ministry and
through this outreach I pray that people will not only come to become
more aware regarding this disease but also about God's love. I wanted
to encourage you in this endeavor and continue to press on. You are
making an impact and making a difference and the news has spread to a
small Christian school in South Korea!

At the school this month we are actually focusing on "hurting kids"
from the passage in Matthew…"when I was sick you cared for me". I
will talk to the school director and see if we could possibly raise
some money for this cause in addition to the AIDS cause we are raising
money for too.

God Bless

Just the other day I got a donation from ANCA school in South Korea.
How cool is that?

Check out Krissy's blog here and go say thanks.

If a bunch of 3rd graders in South Korea can partner with me on this ride, surely you can too! ;)
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