23 May 2008 ~ 5 Comments

Stay At home Dad For A Day…

And really bad at it!
But hey…it' vacation!  For both of us!

Here's the deal.
Early on, Rachel and I agreed we didn't want to use the T.V. as a babysitter for Caleb.  At one point I even pondered the idea of having no T.V., but that would mean no movies or Guitar Hero and that is just WAY unacceptable.  We only get 4 channels at our house, but Caleb has tons of videos, so he spends plenty of time in front of the tube.  So we've started trying to limit him to an hour a day.

Now, last night we hopped in our car to drive to Portland, OR to visit one of Rachel's best friends, Kari.  An 11+ hour drive.  We arrived at 6am.  I drove 9 1/2 hours and slept a little less than 2.  Kari is a first year teacher, and Rachel, having been a teacher herself, was excited to visit Kari's class all day.  Which means I was hanging with Caleb at the apartment for the day.

On no sleep, you better believe the T.V. was planned to get some good use!  We finished an episode of Curious George and the Disney movie Hercules and it was still only 9 o'clock.  I tried to go look for a playground at one point, but little did I realize till we walked out that it was raining outside.  We played in the rain for a few minutes.

Well, thanks to the power of Gawker, you get to watch video evidence of my neglectful parenting of 8 hours in less than 4 minutes.
Notice the amount of time the T.V. is on, and the effort by myself to move as little as possible.
Hey, one day of too much T.V. isn't gonna kill him!
And sorry, the 2 hour nap time isn't the most exciting, but you got everything!
Time lapse is cool.
Check it out:

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