27 May 2008 ~ 13 Comments

Why Are You Reading This?

So I've never really considered myself much of a stat ho.  Yeah I check my stats.  I'm curious.  And I like to see big numbers.  But I've never done major pushes to try and increase my stats.  I probably won't do that much either. 

At the same time, though, people blog for different reasons.  Some just want to have a place for a few family and friends to see some pics, and that's cool.  Others feel like they have something worthwhile to say and want to have some influence, and more readers means more influence.  Either way, to a certain degree, we blog because people read it.  Otherwise, this is just some journal in my computer and there's really no need to put it online.  It can just be like the end of a Doogie Howser episode, recording my reflections and learnings from the episode…errr…day.

So I thought this week, I'd think a little bit about who's reading, and maybe try to learn what I can do to move to the next echelon of blogdom.  Sort of like breaking through a number barrier in church growth.  And get to know you all a little bit better.

So that being the case, I have a question for you today. Some research.
Why do you read this blog?
What are your favorite posts?

Let's be honest.  Even on our favorite blogs, there are posts that we just glaze right over in our RSS feeders.  So what are the posts that you enjoy the most here?  When you see a new post from My Worship Revolution and you go to click on that feed, what are you hoping might show up.

And Mom, I already know.  More of Caleb.  ;)  So the rest of you, what do you like to see?  Just curious.  Thanks for sharing!  (hint, hint)

Your turn.

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