07 June 2008 ~ 1 Comment

Ragamuffin Top Challenge – Week 2

Here’s an update from this weeks triathlon prep and weight loss effort.
Got about an hour run in at the gym Sunday.
Swam about 40 minutes Monday.
Did a nice jog on Wednesday morning.  Still need to map it to see how far I went.
Flaked on spin class Thursday since neither of my partners in crime were going.
Last night I swam about 2500 meters at the gym.

So theres the low-down.
Still trying to figure out my bike situation.
Have an old mountain bike I’ve been using for a while now.  Want a road bike for this stuff though.
Got a free one thats like 20 years old and needs to be fixed up.
Gotta figure out how to fix it and if it’s really worth it.

Anyway, check out the weigh in for the Raggamuffin Top Challenge.  Here’s the video to see how I did:

I know.  The last 2 videos have been pretty boring compared to past updates. 
It’s Saturday morning.
I’m tired.
Just bangin it out for the info for ya.
Maybe I’ll get more creative in the future.
Then again, maybe not.

So be sure to swing by Los’ blog and check out some other partners in fatness slimming down and see how they’re doing.
And join in, too. 
You know you could be healthier!

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