12 June 2008 ~ 2 Comments

Random 2am Brain Dump

2am.  Just got back to my hotel.  Random thoughts I thought I'd share before hitting the sack.

  • Just got back from Fireside Coffee Lodge in Portland.  I think it's near downtown, but I'm not sure, cause I really don't know where downtown is.  So not sure.  Kari?  Cool place though.
  • Portland.  Don't ever wanna move to the Pacific Northwest, but based on my last 2 visits over the past several weeks I really like Portland.  Cool city.
  • In less than five hours I get on a plane to go back to San Jose.
  • In about 8 hours I'm taking a CLEP test on American history in San Jose.  That's why I was at the coffeeshop studying.
  • If I pass this test, I have a degree, completing my 11 year graduation plan.  If I fail, gotta pick another subject and do this all over.  Already failed this one once about 8 months ago.
  • There were a lot of people in that coffeeshop for the middle of the night.  then again, it's the only one I could find open 24 hours.
  • Ordered some practice tests a long time ago to study.  Comes with 3.  Told myself I just want to at least get half the questions right to feel ok about taking the test.  Finished the third test tonight, this morning, whatever.  60 right, 60 wrong.  I was hoping for a little more wiggle room than that, but hey, I guess sometimes you get what you ask for.
  • So if you wanna say a quick prayer for my test if I haven't taken it yet, that would be sweet.  ;)
  • Hey, they just turned off the music in the lobby.  It was playing James Taylor – Whenever I See Your Smiling Face.  Good song.  That sucked.
  • Oh yeah, old news, but before I go, this comment from Lori on this post from last time I was in Portland has to be the best comment ever on my blog.  I laughed out loud.  Maybe it's funny cause it's almost true.
  • I was exhausted earlier.  My body still is, but I think the coffee did its job.  Whoa.
  • I better get some sleep.  Gotta wake up in 3 hours.  Thanks for reading.
  • Just say that prayer real quick, then you won't feel like that post was a complete waste of time.  Thanks.  Good night.

Being that it's late (or early) and I am tired, regardless of the caffeine, and slightly delerious, I will not be held responsible for any incoherent ramblings in this post that I will notice when I read tomorrow, or next week.  My apologies if you are now stupider for having read it.  Now that's really it.  I feel better.  My brain has dumped.  I hope that 15 minutes was worth it.

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