24 June 2008 ~ 1 Comment

Saddleback Day 1

Can’t seem to get video off my camera right now, including my Worship Confessional for this week.  So a quick recap of the day with pics.

Went by my old churches VBS this morning to visit a bunch of old friends that I really miss.


Jenny always does an amazing job putting this week together, decor and all.  This year seems to be no different.

Afterward, David and I got free tickets to Disneyland to hang with several of those friends.  Good stuff.

IMG_1046 IMG_1048

IMG_1049 IMG_1053

The new Toy Story ride is way cool!  As I was told before going, like Buzz Lightyear, but even better.

Oh yeah…we did come down here for a worship conference, huh?  So off to Saddleback it was after California Screamin, Toy Story, Tower of Terror, Monsters, INC, and Soarin Over California.

Great beginning to the conference with a concert with Adam Watts, Meredith Andrews and Leeland.  I’ll try to get some video from that up soon.

I noticed afterward from my twitter feed that several Tweets were headin to Denny’s, including my friend Rich Kirkpatrick.  So I hung at Denny’s for a while with @steveeller, @rkweblog, @englishguy, and @eshouse, as well as a bunch of peeps from Rich’s team, including the infamous Mike Dalton.


Quick side story.  I walk in and a girl at the table looks at me and does a double take.  I know she looks familiar, too.  “Bobby?”  I managed to remember her name.  Ellie.  But I can’t figure out how I know her.  She reminds me and it all comes back quickly.

First, know that Rich leads worship in Temecula where I used to live and do ministry.  Ellie was in the first Jr. High youth group I helped lead there and she led worship with me then.  Now she is going to Biola, and an intern at Sunridge Community Church.  I feel old.  I was proud to hear that she blogs, so go on over and say hello.  Way to go Ellie!

And with that, I’m going to sleep for a couple hours!!  Goodnight peeps!

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