27 June 2008 ~ 2 Comments

RFKC Part Five – New Shoes


If you haven’t been following along, Royal Family Kids Camp is a national camp for abused and neglected kids in the foster care system.  Our church hosts the Monterey Bay camp.  So I’ll finish the RFKC stories with this one.

An organization called Soles for Souls offered to provide 2 pairs of shoes for every camper.  Pretty awesome!  Unfortunately though, through a series of events, we ran out and 9 kids were left without shoes.  Chris, the camp director, was not OK with this and started calling around to find a local shoes store that might be willing to donate some shoes.

Aptos Shoes and Apparel stepped up big time!  Thank you to them so much!!  Chris talked to them at 3pm and someone was driving away from their store with shoes at 6:30.  That’s unheard of!

Chris of course went around to get sizes from the kids who didn’t get shoes.  He asked one boy his size, and he didn’t know.  He was wearing sandals, so Chris asked him if he knew what size his other shoes were.  He said he thought a 3.  Chris looked at his feet, and they sure didn’t look like 3’s.  After comparing the foot with another kid’s, he ended up getting 7’s and they fit great!

As he was giving him the shoes, Chris asked if he could see his old shoes.  Sure enough, they were a size 3!  Who knows how long he had been walking around in shoes 4 sizes too small!  The picture is a shot of him in his new shoes.

To end on a somewhat funny note, his counselor shared at our “Welcome Home Dinner” for staff that the kid was convinced that his feet had actually grown four sizes overnight.

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