05 July 2008 ~ 0 Comments

Ragamuffin Top Challenge – Week Cinco

Well, time to weigh in once again.

Did more exercising this week, and ate a little better.
Monday: Run
Wednesday: Ride
Thursday: Run
Friday: Ride

A few fun new tools to keep track of my exercise, too.
Got Nike+ for my birthday.  So here’s an embarrassing look at my 2 short runs this week:

Also found this cool site while I was trying to map my run in Oregon a while back.  It’s mapmyrun.com.
I have a profile there and I can keep track of all my workouts, running, biking, and swimming.
Check out my profile here.
So now I really have to go for it.  Otherwise you can see just what a pansie I am.

Back to the weight loss.
Here’s the progress (or lack thereof) up till now:

Weigh in: 171.6
Week 1:  168.4
Week 2:  169.8
Week 3:  169.4
Week 4:  170
Week 5: …

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