11 July 2008 ~ 0 Comments

Church 2.0

Yesterday I had the chance to hang with a bunch of peeps at a Church 2.0 forum organized by Greg Atkinson centered on a book he’s writing, and hosted at Santa Cruz Bible Church.
It was fun to hang with Greg, Ed, Omar, Chuck, Paul, Randy, Cynthia, and Dan who drove over the hill to hang, as well as several other new friends I made.
We spent a couple hours talkin both some geek talk as well as more practical discussion about how the face of ministry in our churches is changing and how we approach it as leaders in the Church.

Part way through, Dan and I thought it would be worth broadcasting on Mogulus.
If you weren’t able to catch it live, there is about an hour of it up looping at my Mogulus page.
Sound gets a little messy part way through for some reason.  Sorry.
This should give you an idea what the forums are like and give you some great things to think about.

This was forum number four. If there’s one coming within driving distance of you, go check it out.

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