17 July 2008 ~ 1 Comment

CLC Web Presence

A while back we tried starting a CLC blog.

was that attempt.
It pretty much died a quick death.

It’s time now to give it another go.

Introducing the new CLC blog home.

At least temporarily.
Let me know what you think.
We have about a week let to test it out and Typepad and decide if it’s
a good use of finances to spend a couple bucks on it.  I personally am
just a huge fan of the ease of Typepad.  Even though it frustrates me
at times, I still find it the easiest platform to really make a site look good.
Even if we stick with Typepad, the plan is to map it to it’s own domain soon.

In addition, we’re experimenting a little with our own social networking site at Ning.
So all you CLCers, roll on over and join our network!
We’ll keep working on it to see how we can use it effectively as a connections tool.

Picture 6

Basically I’ve really been bouncing this around in my dome for a while.
Everything on the web is really moving in the direction of social interaction.  Basically, web 2.0.
In reality we are way behind the curve as the Church.
Most of our church websites are simply nice brochures on the web.
So what can we do to move our website more toward interaction with others?
Hopefully this is a step in the right directions.

So 2 questions for y’all:

  • Any thoughts on the blog or Ning sites?
  • What other ways can we as a church, or is your church, creatively using the web to reach or interact with people?

Please, do share.

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