23 July 2008 ~ 1 Comment

Hotseat Post #2

Y’all asked those questions a long time ago!
My bad!
Time to get on it.
I’ll be aring over the next couple of weeks.
So here we go with some more.

Ryan asked: Who is your current favorite CLC Board Member?
Sorry Ryan, gonna have to say Ed.  He is my boss, and he reads my blog.  And as the chair of the board, that makes him a board member.

Steph asked:  what is your end-times theory?
My theory is, it’s gonna happen, so be ready.
Seriously, if you had to pin me down, probably pre-trib, pre-mil, but wonder about the possibility of mid-trib.  Don’t get those Au-mil reformed peeps.  (All you theology geeks hopefully understood that.  The rest of you, don’t worry, it’s not that important.)
Seriously, though, don’t care near as much as I did at one point.  Probably because Rachel helped me get over it.  I still like to talk about and study it some, but in the end, my view of it doesn’t change the fact that I should live for Jesus tomorrow whether he’s coming back that day or not.  Thousands of scholars over the years haven’t figured it out, I’m not arrogant enough to think I have.

She also asked: what would your ideal worship leading experience look/sound like?
The obvious is the whole Spirit moving, God is in the place sort of thing.  So I won’t go with the cop out on you. 
If you want to know more specifics when it comes to personal preference and taste…
Loud.  Lots of bass.  So you can feel the music.  I think loud music, well mixed is immersive and enhances worship.  I enjoy mellow intimate times of worship, but I am definitely more drawn to upbeat and celebratory music.  My ideal worship experience would include people expressing praise with all sorts of expressions and postures.  People jumping, shouting, pumping fists, and just having a great time worshiping God.  I also love as a worship leader when I can back off the mic and people are singing so loud you can just hear their voices ringing through the building.  It would also probably include some artistic form of expression to get people outside their comfort zones worshipping God creatively.  How’s that for a random eclectic mix of answers?

How about y’all?  What would you add or change to make it your ideal worship experience.

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