24 July 2008 ~ 3 Comments

Sailing Away for Ryan’s Birthday

So this is like a month overdue, but well worth sharing.
For Ryan‘s birthday, there were like 30 of us that all went out for a sail in Santa Cruz.
Yeah, that’s how we can roll out here on the coast!
The plan was to sail out and anchor near the pier.
Then we had a little dingy that was supposed to ferry people to and from the pier to get drinks and have dinner.
Then, as we were heading out, the guys on the dingy got a visit from these guys:

IMG_0748 IMG_0749

Yup, a visit by the Coast Guard.
Unfortunately, they didn’t exactly have everything they needed.

So next, the Coast Guard came by our boat.  And boarded.
It started slightly tense.
It ended with them pretty much hangin and partyin with us, and making some nice inappropriate passes at eh ladies.
Made for a good story and some great times though!

Oh…and of course I got a bunch of it on video.
Glad I had the SD1000 handy.
Always gotta be ready for bloggable material!
Check it out:

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