15 February 2017 ~ 2 Comments

Caring For Refugees AND Our Own

Sat in a working lunch today with a group of individuals working together on strategies to combat homelessness in our community.
One manufacturing tiny homes for housing homeless, moving them toward ownership, placing some in church parking lots, and creating safe sanctuary shelter villages.
Another with a company being built by only hiring homeless vets, with 100% profits going to living wages and part ownership for employees.
Some from the veterans holistic wellness center working with homeless vets.
And several others.
We’re looking at how Missio Dei Community can work with Sweaty Sheep Santa Cruz and the God’s Garden initiative to place a hydroponic garden at our home tended by recently housed friends who we share food with, build relationships with, and provide dignity building work to.
This weekend our faith community will work with our kids to create care packages to give to individuals in need on the streets to relieve some immediate suffering and build empathy.

I say all of this to say PLEASE STOP creating a false dichotomy between caring for homeless vets and caring about refugees. Every time I post about a spiritual responsibility to care about refugees and the world’s most vulnerable I hear someone ask why we aren’t as passionate about homeless vets. I see it in memes. I see it on other people’s statuses.
I don’t post this to pull off the “humble brag.” Truly there are others doing so much more than myself or our faith community. But it matters to us so we will try to work on creative solutions whenever we can. I see people ask questions about how many of us who care about this let our kids be around homeless and care for them in our community.

It’s a both/and. What I will do is say we do these things and perhaps if I give examples we can move past that argument that doesn’t address the actual issue. You may not agree that we need to be more compassionate even at the risk of our perceived safety, and yes I will struggle to understand you but I’ll at least try. But do not tell me it’s cause we need to care about our own first (which usually means only). Let’s foster hearts of empathy, compassion, and sacrifice for ALL people cause there is more than enough love and resources to go around if we were able to work together.
QOTD: “It’s amazing how much we can accomplish together when we don’t care who gets the credit.” -Mike Brock

There’s work to be done. Let’s keep at it. ❤️ ✌

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