25 July 2008 ~ 3 Comments

Hotseat Post #3

My wife asked: If you had three wishes – and you could wish for absolutely ANYTHING (except for more wishes) what would you wish for?
1. A crystal ball to know what the plan for the future is.  I know.  I probably don’t REALLY want to know, but it’s hard to convince me of that.
2. The chance to be on Survivor.  Probably shouldn’t write that, cause if I ever get real serious about it, and CBS finds this post, I may not make it.  But I’ll take my chances.
3. All of my kids to be followers of Christ.  Obviously, I’m doing my part to try and make that happen.  I don’t even wish for it to be an easy road, cause I know better.  I just want them all to get there, and touch exponentially more lives for Jesus than I ever will.  Does that stil count as one wish?

She also asked: If you could keep only three memories, what would they be?
Ooh,  That’s a tough one.  Like remembering where I put my keys?
1. The day I asked you to be my wife.
2. The night I saw a student freed from demonic possession at Laurel Pines in 2000.  Seriously changed my life forever.
3. Traveling to Australia/New Zealand with my choir in high school.  Not so much cause of the travel, but because I shared it with my mom, dad, and sister.  I feel like it seems so long ago that Vic was around that the memories kinda fade, so I would never wanna lose some of the great ones that I have, with him and the rest of my family.

On a lighter note, Steve asked: seriously do you still think the padres are better then the dodgers?
Umm…I plead the fifth.
Or should I say, sorry, I just hate the Dodgers.  Doesn’t even matter who the better team is in a given season.  The Padres are just better overall.

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