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Alrighty. In reality, this post is probably geared more toward those of you who are involved in ministry at an administrative level of some sort, but maybe someone else will surprise me.

I’m looking for some help.
I’ve never used a database to operate.  However, as a church we own ACS and several modules that they offer.  It could be really useful, but I’ve kinda remained ignorant on 2 fronts.

  1. Not sure how it could really be used to help with everything.
  2. It only works on Windows, which doesn’t make it very exciting or easy to use for my Macbook Pro.

And I think we poured some serious cash into these things several years ago.  So I think it kinda bugs our bookkeeper that we aren’t really using it!  :)

So, help a brotha out.
Are you using a database, and if so, how so?
Anyone out there using ACS?  What do you like?  What don’t you like?
Any other suggestions out there for a databas that you’ve found helpful?  Maybe something based online?

Who knows, maybe someone else out there has the same questions and you’re thoughts will help them too.
Please, do share.

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